Terms and Conditions of Delivery and Payment MRT Engines B.V., Veghel (NL)

These general terms and conditions are applicable to all agreements with regard to purchase and performance of work, concluded between MRT Engines B.V. and buyers/customers operating a business or exercising a profession.

Article 1 -Definitions

In these terms and conditions the terms below have the following meaning: MRT Engines B.V.: the engine overhaul company which sells/supplies goods and/or performs work directly or indirectly for buyer/customer. Hereinafter referred to as "MRT", "we", "us" or "our". Buyer: the person, operating a business or exercising a profession, who purchases goods from MRT. Customer: the person, operating a business or exercising a profession, who gives MRT an assignment to perform work (or have it performed). 'Goods' shall mean inter alia: (vital parts/separate components of) exchange engines/completely overhauled engines and/or (vital parts/separate components of) exchange technical components/completely overhauled technical components, pertaining to vehicles/vessels or stationary installations. A exchange engine here shall mean a completely overhauled and assembled engine, whether or not with appendages, but at least fitted with cylinder head(s), valve cover(s), distribution cover and oil sump. A completely overhauled engine applies as a completely overhauled and assembled engine where overhaul was carried out in individual assignment. An exchange technical component applies as a completely overhauled and assembled technical component (for example an electronic transaxle component, a steering column, a transmission system, etc.). A completely overhauled technical component applies here as a completely overhauled and assembled technical component where overhaul was performed in individual assignment. Partial overhaul/separate component overhaul applies as work where only a part or a separate component of the goods is overhauled in individual assignment.

Article 2 - General

Article 3 - Formation of the agreement

Article 4 -Prices

Article 5 -Delivery (of exchange goods)

Article 6 -Delivery period

Article 7 - Replaced materials or goods

Replaced materials or goods will only be made available to the buyer/customer if such has been expressly requested when placing the repair order. In all other cases such materials shall become MRT's property without the buyer/customer having any right to receive any kind of compensation in this respect.

Article 8 - The payment

Article 9 -Dissolution

Article 10 -Force majeure

Article 11 - Title Retention

Article 12 -Right of retention

In case any repair work has been carried out, MRT has the right to exercise a right of retention on the good concerned, if and for as long as:

Article 13 - Liability

Article 14 -Guarantee

Article 15 -Complaints

Article 16 - Registration of personal data

The buyer/customer's personal data which are stated on the order confirmation may be registered by the seller/repairer in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. This registration will enable MRT to: execute the agreement, to comply with its guarantee obligations towards the buyer/customer, to provide optimal service and to provide the buyer/customer with current product information, as well as to prepare customised offers. In addition the personal data may be made available to third parties, for example for use of direct mailing activities for vehicles. Any objections made by the buyer/customer to MRT using his personal data in the meaning of the Personal Data Protection Act for direct mailings shall be respected and acted on.

Article 17. Choice of law and jurisdiction

Article 18 -Conflict with statutory provisions

If any provision of these business delivery and payment terms and conditions is not applicable or violates public order or the law, then the provisions in question shall be deemed unwritten, but the remaining terms and conditions shall remain fully in force. MRT reserves the right to amend the voided provision for a lawful one.

Article 19 - Original language

Even if these delivery and payment terms and conditions are provided in a language other than Dutch, in the event of doubt the Dutch version of the terms and conditions shall be decisive.

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