MRT Refitting Instructions

1) General:

Thank you for purchasing a product of MRT Engines B.V. We wish you and the end user many enjoyable rides.

The success of this transaction -and with it your satisfaction- is determined by 2 factors:

When removing or refitting, we advise you to always use the original specifications of the manufacturer. Only when these are not available, these general instructions can be of service to you.

2) Receipt:

3) Tracing old damage:

To prevent the newly delivered product from being damaged in the same way as the old part, we first need to detect and eliminate what caused the old damage. Please, think for example of the following:

4) Assembly:

Take your time to assemble the product in the right way. This will ultimately prevent problems and you will not lose extra precious time. Install as many conversion parts on the product on your worktable and not in the engine space at a later stage. It will make the work far more enjoyable and you will have better control of your activities.

5) Starting procedure

Before starting it is important to make sure that all parts are fastened, that there is sufficient oil in the sump, that there is sufficient coolant in the cooling system and that the belt tension is good.

6) Running-in instruction

7) Returning of old parts

8) Post-check

The above mentioned instructions are of a general nature. Therefore, we like to stress explicitly that MRT Engines B.V. cannot be held accountable for damage as a result of deviations in the above mentioned instructions, as compared to the original instructions of the manufacturer. MRT Engines B.V. cannot be held accountable for possible interpretation mistakes and/or printing errors in the information we provide.

All employees of MRT Engines B.V. wish you happy and safe driving.