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Brief Practical conditions

This page is only a brief version of our delivery and payment conditions. Intended only to some practical points to emphasize. In all cases, our delivery and payment conditions shall prevail and apply to our operations.


Our terms and conditions of delivery and payment are leading and apply to all our transactions. These conditions you can download from our website or are available upon request. These 'brief practical conditons' are just a brief explanation of some practical rules.

  • All amounts are in Euro.
  • This document replaces all previous price lists.
  • All prices are subject to changes.
  • For all 'on request' prices different discounts may apply.
  • All damage or loss during transport will be compensated according to CRM conditions.


  • All engines will be delivered without turbocharger.
  • A rotating part is composed of the engine block with connecting rods, crankshaft, bearings and pistons.
  • Rebuilt cylinder heads will be delivered with valves and springs, unless indicated otherwise.
  • At times some engines will be delivered with temporary parts, such as oil sumps or valve covers that are installed to keep the engine free from dirt during transport. In case of an aberrant oil sump or valve cover, these parts need to be transferred from the old engine at your own expense, after thorough cleaning and inspection.
  • Due to the constant development of our quality products, certain exchange parts can be adjusted to meet MRT's specifications. These adjustments will definitely have a positive impact on the quality of the product. For this reason a number of engine types are adjusted, from originally being delivered with balance shafts to a version not being equipped with balance shafts. Don't install these balance shafts any longer! This will also have a positive impact on the quality of the product.


  • The warranty on engines and cylinder heads with a limitation of 100,000 km is 24 months. This means: where the warranty is accepted within the first 12 months, the delivered exchange part will be replaced without any cost with compensation for possible labour costs at flat-rate times. During the second 12 months solely the exchange part will be compensated without any compensation for labour costs. For all other exchange parts the warranty term is 3 months.
  • All warranty arrangements need to take place between the land of delivery (The Netherlands) and the land to which the exchange part is invoiced. Excluded from warranty arrangements are all non-European countries or overseas areas of European countries; so it is limited to mainland Europe.
  • In case our products are used for any other application besides a car, we exclude warranty arrangements for labour (assembly and disassembly). In view of the fact that we cannot foresee the complexity of the installation, these labour costs are excluded.


  • If the old part has not been returned within 6 months after the invoice date, MRT is no longer obliged to reimburse the deposit.
  • Due to compliance with safety and environmental regulations, all used engines and/or components need to be returned free of oil and coolants and need to be packed in the same transport frame or box in which the exchange part was delivered. MRT takes no responsibility for any claims resulting from not complying with these instructions.
  • Old parts should not show any external damage. In case of external damage, a supplement may be charged.
  • All old parts need to be returned assembled.
  • When charging the deposit for an exchange part, the amount of the deposit is solely a symbolic amount, not always reflecting the true value of the exchange part to be returned. In case the old part is not returned or is damaged, there is the possibility of supplementary costs being charged.

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