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MRT Engines B.V., hereafter referred to as MRT, hereby grants you access to motor-revisie.nl and invites you to purchase the offered items. At any moment, however, MRT reserves the right to adjust the content or remove parts from the content without having to notify you.

Limited liability

MRT endeavours to actualise and/or add to the content of the Website as often as possible. Despite this care and attention it is possible that the content is incomplete and/or incorrect. In addition to this it is possible that the website is temporarily unavailable. The textual information on the website is offered without any form of guarantee or claim to correctness. This information can change at any moment without prior notification from MRT.

In case of errors, we ask you to report these so we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure our optimal service.

In particular, all of the prices on the website are subject to type and programming errors. No liability is accepted for the consequences of such errors. No agreement can be realised based on such errors.


All intellectual related property and materials are protected by copyright and are the property of MRT and their licensers and users. Copying, distributing and any other use of these materials is not allowed without written permission by MRT, except and only to the extent otherwise provided in regulations of mandatory law (such as quotation right), unless certain specific materials indicate otherwise.


Users can place content directly on the Website, e.g. reactions to notifications, or they can add reviews or evaluations to what is offered. In relation to this, MRT does not exert prior or editorial control. MRT will seriously investigate complaints about the user content and intervene where necessary. In case you have a complaint to report, you can contact us via contact form/e-mail/telephone.


Referrals and hyperlinks to third party websites serve merely as information and are not a part of MRT and their Website. Visiting these websites shall be the responsibility of the customer. Therefore MRT is also not responsible for the content or functioning regarding the websites of these third parties. This also applies to internet pages with links to MRT's website.

MRT advises you to always read the conditions and privacy statements of these third party websites.


The Website uses images and logos of various (known) brands. Their use is solely to illustrate and give information about the offered products and/or services. MRT is authorised to offer these products and/or services to their customers, but they do not own/hold the displayed logos. These rights of intellectual property are with the concerning brand holder(s). With this text MRT states that the Website is no direct part of the displayed brands.


The website can provide information about certain products. The people providing this information are e.g. suppliers and manufacturers. MRT endeavours to check the correctness of this information, but it is possible that some information is incorrect. In addition to this, the specifications, numbers and names listed with the offered goods are used as reference material. These listings indicate for which products the offered goods are suitable. However, this does not mean that the offered goods are original materials of the same manufacturer for which they are suitable.

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